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Mindfulness for health

If you are suffering from a long-term health condition, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best.
Are you struggling to manage your health condition?

Maybe you are gritting your teeth through pain or fatigue, struggling to carry on life as it was before you became ill. Or, perhaps you are scared of making your condition worse and have stopped doing all but the most essential activities.

Whatever approach you have adopted it is likely you’re not enjoying life. And that’s without adding in all the thoughts whirling round your head – “will I ever be free from this pain and fatigue?”, “how will we manage if I can’t work anymore?”, “what have I done to deserve this?”.

Your life doesn’t have to be like this.
How can mindfulness help?

Martin has severe osteoarthritis and has had one hip replacement, with another one on the way. He, and thousands like him, have personal experience of the benefits that mindfulness brings to managing their health condition.

It can help you, too.

Mindfulness can’t magically get rid of whatever health condition you have. But it can make a significant difference to your quality of life with that condition.
Practising mindfulness techniques can help you to:

adjust to living with long-term pain or illness
manage your illness, rather than your illness managing you
feel more in control of your life
calm anxious thoughts about your condition
look after yourself better
pace your activities
worry less about what the future may hold
enjoy each day more

These tools and techniques will last you a lifetime, even if your condition improves.

‘The Mindfulness for Health course which Martin helped lead was a huge turning point for me in my ‘battle’ against ill health. I learnt to stop fighting, and to start accepting. Not giving up, but learning to live with what I could not change, and change what I could (my thoughts). I’m so grateful for the skills Martin helped teach me.”

Lisa – Head of Content Marketing, Spire Hospitals.

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