‘As a counsellor, I signed up for this ‘Mindfulness for Stress’ course in order to enhance my personal practice and to aid my introducing the benefits of Mindfulness to my clients.

I had already completed two-8 week courses though mindfulness books, but it meant so much more hearing Martin’s approach, and being in a group. Martin is very inspiring and extremely helpful, the meditations on the course days were very relaxing indeed. His course guide walked us step by step through the 8 weeks home practice with clear explanations of what we had covered in class also.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone for their wellbeing!’

Jill Wilson
“I recently attended an 8 week mindfulness for stress course that was held by Martin Grindrod.

I had heard of mindfulness in the past but I didn’t really know what to expect when attending the course, so I approached things with a curiosity and an open mind.

This course is for anyone looking for new skills to help improve health, wellbeing or manage stress in today’s busy & hectic world. I was introduced to mindful movements, breathing & meditation skills and I have been able to use many of these new techniques learnt in almost every aspect of my daily life.

Martin is an excellent Mindfulness teacher and has a really relaxed and informal approach to the course. If you want to be more mindfully aware and have a more positive outlook to everything then this course is for you.”

Bernard Cardozo
I have just finished attending a Mindfulness course that was run by Martin.

Martin is an excellent instructor who is passionate and knowledgeable about mindfulness. He led the course in a relaxed and friendly manner, taking time and care to get across the key points.

The course, over a number of weeks, teaches you some simple but very effective practices that I have now built into my daily routine. These course shows you how to better appreciate the good things in life and how to cope better with the ups and downs that we all face.

I feel it has added genuine value to the quality of my life and that it teaches you essential life skills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone

Emmet Lagan
The Mindfulness for Health course which Martin helped lead was a huge turning point for me in my ‘battle’ against ill health. I learnt to stop fighting, and to start accepting. Not giving up, but learning to live with what I could not change, and change what I could (my thoughts). I’m so grateful for the skills Martin helped teach me
Lisa Caldwell